Wheel Loader HELI

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Whell Loader HELI

HELI Wheel loaders have an Easy maintenance、comfortable operation、energy saving、big breakout force Etc,the reliability and work efficiency are prominent , it’s particularly suitable for mining and other heavy jobs.
● Large-space panoramic driving cab:sound insulation and noise reduction processed good , it can improve the comfortableness and safety when driving.
● Air conditioner:reasonable air duct design, Delphi Waterproof connector, the front and rear defroster help to care the driver comprehensively.
● The comfortableness of operation is enhanced through the steering wheel with adjustable angle and high-performance luxury seat.
● Inside mirror, It‘s convenient for the driver to watch the rear work condition, improving the driving safety.
● Heating and air conditioner:Reasonable air duct design, front and rear defroster, comprehensive care of the driver.
● High-performance luxury suspension seat, improving the operation of the driver comfortableness.
● Adjustable steering console, Suitable for different driver.
● The large opening hood, routine maintenance and maintenance of the filter is more convenient
● The rear grille of hood can be rotated, cleaning radiator is more convenient.
● Three-in-one radiator:have large radiating area .Ensure that hydraulic oil temperature、water temperature and transmission oil temperature is more reasonable.
● The hinged hole of the front frame、rear frame and arm are machined on machining center.It’s have high accuracy and long service life.
● The rear axle is oscillatory type, the oscillatory angle is 14 degrees. Improving the stability and traction capacity of the machine.
● Using the international famous “Cheng shin” tire, good wear resistance, long service life. Varta maintenance free battery, reliable performance; Delphi Waterproof connector, greatly improve the reliability of the loader of the electrical circuit.