STAR Passenger Elevator

 Passanger Elevator


It applies the latest international tech to fulfill energy-saving drive. Intellectual operation and safe travel bring about the more steady transport and the more perfect quality. It has compatible environment protection function.

A. Highly integrated computerized control system, 32-digit inter-monitor master-slave CPU bring about the more accurate, effective and secure operation.

B. Peak-hour services offer the more intellectual waiting distribution plan. It comprehensively solves the passenger flow problems.

C. VVVF variable frequency door machine is firm and reliable, sensitive and peaceful with smooth running.

D. Permanent magnet synchronous and gearless traction machine is of green environment-protection and effective energy-saving.

E. Energy feedback regenerating device fulfills green revolution from energy-saving to energy-generation.

F. Far infrared light-curtain elevator door protection system forms intensive light-curtain protection to ensure the passengers’ safety.

Over 100 times of investigation and research, several thousand times of verification and improvement bring about the outstanding product quality. The products are specially designed for the best humane experiences.

A. Operation panel is of the more free man-machine intercourse. It is designed according to ergonomics principle with the wonderful touch.

B. LED automatic lighting system is energy-saving and environment-protection. Novel car light source shines a bright future.

C. The car space is graceful and harmonious. It deducts the humane features.

D. Earthquake running protection detects in advance with prompt feedback. It opens the door according to nearby principle so as to ensure good safety.

E. Long-distance real-time monitor protection is the humane setting that prevents from any hidden danger before it actually happens.

F. Anti-fatigue liquid crystal screen design is soft and clear. It eases your mind in the elevator travel.