TENAU Panoramic Elevator

It ensures the reliable running of door machine, high precision door opening. It quickly responds door machine, shortens door-opening time. It ensures fine safety by the advanced and intellectual properties.

Highly integrated intellectual control system

It integrates main control, monitor, intellectual management, black box functions by military industry standard. Concise structure has super strong anti-interference. It has highly intellectual capacity to handle any trouble. The system is super reliable.

Advanced noise-reducing tech

Control cabinet applies low noise design with special car noise-reducing tech. Well running components with super low frictional coefficient can effectively absorb the noise with different frequencies. It brings about the peaceful and comfortable travel.

Rotary panorama elevator

machine-room-less elevator

Reversible gear reducer

It is installed at the car bottom. It transfers motive power to car-bottom rotary fixing base. It thus spurs on rotary operation of the whole elevator car.

Fine and exquisite machine room-less design

It fully optimizes the well space. It reduces its affection to the building outline to the lowest extent. It gives a full play of the flexible and beautiful advantages of rotary panorama elevator.

Custom-made individual requirements

It can design different rotary angles according to the clients’ requirements. Compared with the traditional opposite-door car, it more saves the cost. It appears to be more attractive and magical.

Round panorama elevator






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